New England Seating Company is a privately owned, New England-based manufacturer specializing in custom quality restaurant booths and furniture.
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New England Seating has a wide range of experience in not only the manufacture of restaurant and commercial furniture but also the restoration of restaurant seating. New England Seating offers reupholstery services for NES-constructed furniture and third-party restaurant furniture.


The best time to reupholster your restaurant seating is when you notice damage. Rips and tears are only likely to spread with more use, and depending on your setting, the cushions may also become torn or damaged from children playing with the exposed foam. Most small repairs can be completed on location at your restaurant or business. We can also work around your business hours so you don’t lose any place settings during your busy operating hours.


Major reupholstery jobs may require the furniture to be moved to our New Haven, CT, manufacturing facility for more in-depth restoration.

When to Consider Reupholstery vs. Replacement

If you’re unsure if you need reupholstery or replacement, here are a few tips.


You should consider reupholstery when the structure, cushioning, and other parts of the booth or chair are still in good shape. Repair is usually more cost-effective than a full replacement in these instances. Reupholstery may also be considered if the furniture is historic in nature or has a story behind it (e.g. if you have a photo of a very famous person sitting at that seat).


Alternatively, there are times when a replacement may be a better option for you. If one or many of your restaurant’s furniture installments show extensive damage or wear, it could be time for a replacement. If the frame is damaged or the filling isn’t supportive anymore is another time that it may be better to install all-new furniture in your restaurant. Another reason you may consider a replacement is if the furniture itself is dated.


Regardless of your needs, our dedicated customer service team can help you determine when it’s time to repair vs when it’s time to replace.

Restaurant Furniture Re-upholstry